This Saturn live object is normally requested by service providers for looking up partner core data. In this case the requester seems to be a browser which is why a "pretty-printed" HTML page is returned instead of raw JSON.
This particular (payee) object was issued by the provider specified by the "providerAuthorityUrl" property:
    "@context": "",
    "@qualifier": "PayeeAuthority",
    "payeeAuthorityUrl": "",
    "providerAuthorityUrl": "",
    "localPayeeId": "86344",
    "commonName": "Space Shop",
    "homePage": "",
    "logotypeUrl": "",
    "accountVerifier": {
        "algorithm": "S256",
        "hashedPayeeAccounts": ["kUwpqk-cbkDaBjwDD_etPSh_FtC-Ap2K_A2MQzXNy_U", "hMALZWfHmLNN0fzWjWZisF_0y4Q4M_p7pJsULyg1xWM"]
    "signatureParameters": [{
        "algorithm": "ES256",
        "publicKey": {
            "kty": "EC",
            "crv": "P-256",
            "x": "8VY09NWUy-aVGNHZZQDIyy-H3RxLfXbiPR2SVlEubjE",
            "y": "OuHehTNjMbphW0s3nBBVdAALLdzE9x-hup4CnJ1gM-o"
    "timeStamp": "2021-08-02T14:27:53Z",
    "expires": "2021-08-02T15:27:54Z",
    "issuerSignature": {
        "algorithm": "ES256",
        "publicKey": {
            "kty": "EC",
            "crv": "P-256",
            "x": "-Vr8Wk3ygt5J2_J3R8TrRaa-AWW7ZiXa6q1P7ELs6gc",
            "y": "Vuc6z3WiZ3tgXTXvU6F5qdiiYePWeUI1q9Tx83ySDcM"
        "value": "gXGYbsMu4-EtQkKtjGF8UBgSrAb-fC_L-fubGO1ycFUn27P0aAfSNo0Gu5VHvIQGUgpkrjjsSRyyQpbyte_bxw"
Quick Reference
payeeAuthorityUrlThe address of this object (payee "identity")
providerAuthorityUrlThe address of the issuing provider's authority object
localPayeeIdLocal payee id used by the payee provider
commonNamePayee common name
homePagePayee public home page
logotypeUrlPayee logotype (as shown above)
accountVerifierOptional. For verifying claimed payee account
signatureParametersHolds one or more payee signature keys and associated algorithms
timeStampObject creation time
expiresWhen the object becomes stale/invalid
issuerSignatureHosting provider signature

API Version: 0.68